Ep. 166 The Bachelor Listen to Your Heart with Mike O'Keefe and Mallory Bradford  

On this episode of Welcome to Reality, comedian Ryan Mason and host Nicole Toerpe-Mason cover Season S1 Ep. 1 of "The Bachelor Listen to Your Heart" with comedians Mike O'Keefe and Mallory Bradford. Mallory and Mike are Chicago Comedians. You can catch Mike on SiriusXM or listen to his podcast, "Buddy of the Groom". You can catch Mallory on Tuesday nights (when quarantine ends) at Chicago Underground Comedy. Follow Mike on twitter and instagram @themikeokeefe and Mallory on instagram and twitter @mpbradfo. 

Follow Ryan on Twitter @qdobagoodingjr and on instagram ryanmason18. Please follow us on twitter @to_pod on instagram at welcometorealitymke and subscribe and rate us wherever you get your podcasts. Intro music from Joe Murphy and podcast artwork from Adam Toerpe.

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