Ep. 172 The Real Housewives of New York with Jake Snell  

On this episode of Welcome to Reality, comedian Ryan Mason and host Nicole Toerpe-Mason cover season 12 episode 8 of "The Real Housewives of New York" with comedian Jake Snell. Jake is a comedian from Madison, Wisconsin. Since taking the stage in late 2014, he has become a Midwest favorite, producing popular independent shows and opening for nationally touring headliners such as Dan Soder, Ian Edwards, and Marina Franklin to name a few. His unique blend of cheeky, disarming standup has served him well; he has performed standup in comedy hubs across the country, and he is a regular feature act with touring comics. In fall of 2019 Jake was a feature comedian on 5 of Kyle Kinane’s “Spring Break Tour” shows. He is a regular performer at Comedy on State and has stimulated the Madison comedy scene to a significant extent, helping attract opportunities to local comedians. Jake is also a co-founder and producer of the third-year festival Madison Comedy Week.Follow Jake on twitter @snellyoulater and on instagram at Jake_Snell_. 

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