Ep. 165 with Zuzanna Szadkowski and Damon Millard 

On this episode of Welcome to Reality, comedian Ryan Mason and host Nicole Toerpe-Mason cover Season 12 Ep. 2 of "The Real Housewives of New York" with actress Zuzanna Szadkowski and comedian Damon Millard. Zuzanna is an actress best known for her roles of Dorata on "Gossip Girl" and Nurse Pell on "The Knick" but she has also appeared on numerous shows including "Search Party", "Girls", "Law and Order", and "The Sopranos". She has also appeared in a variety of movies and off Broadway plays. 

Damon is a Brooklyn based comedian who regularly appears at clubs and indy shows throughout New York. He is a nationally touring headliner, founder and producer of Punching Bag Comedy, a weekly New York stand up showcase and is the Executive Producer for Muscle Spasms, a comedy exercise video-podcast on the Be Frank network.

Follow Zuzanna on twitter and instagram @zuzannawanda and Damon on instagram at Punching Bag Comedy. 

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